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rFactor 2 Competition System beta has been released!

Photo credit: Studio 397

The sim racing community got an early Christmas present from Studio 397 who is the developer of rFactor 2 when the long awaited competition system got released in a public beta version.

In the summer of 2020, the managing director of Studio 397 Marcel Offermans sat down with us to talk about the journey rFactor 2 has been on since they took over from Image Space Incorporated in 2016, and one of the topics he spoke about was the competition system and the new user interface. The UI has been in beta for quite a while, but with the release of the competition system, it has become the default UI that we will see from now on.

So what is the competition system?
It’s rFactor 2’s answer to a matchmaking system where you anytime a day can race against fellow sim racers from around the world. At the moment, there’s two series’ to participate in with the Tatuus Winter Series and the GTE Winter Series. Well over 1500 have so far been registered as participants in the two series’ combined.
The Competition system is still in beta, so stuff like Rating and live stewarding will be added in the near coming future.

Here’s Marcel Offermans vie on the first couple of weeks of the competition system:

“So far we have been very happy. In this test phase we are literally looking at achieving certain test goals, like making sure all parts of the infrastructure work together nicely, before we end up adding more features and competitions to the system. We're continuously updating the system and getting good community feedback on what people want.”

To stay up to date with the development of rFactor 2 and their competition system, go to Studio 397’s website and visit our forum to tell what you think of the competition system. 

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