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Dramatic first Oval race of The Race IndyPRO Championship


After the great success of The All-Star Esports Battle from THE RACE, they have teamed up with the premier open wheel racing organizer on rFactor 2 Formula SimRacing for the IndyPRO Championship.
Last night, the penultimate round of the series took place and it was a very different show compared to the first four rounds because this was an oval race. 

Apple Valley Speedway provided asphalt for 120 laps of Indycar oval racing with the elite on rFactor 2. Janos Brackzok took pole position just ahead of Jori Toman, with the 2020 FSR world championship runner-up Petar Brljak and then the world champion and IndyPRO Championship leader Jernej Simoncic in third and fourth place.

It was a very clean start to the race, but on lap 6, a huge crash including Vojta Polesny from Varga SimRacing brought out the first full course caution. Williams Esports Martin Stefanko retired from the race shortly after, which pretty much ended his hopes to fight for the title.
At the end of lap 12, they went back to green flag, but during the caution, people like Alex Siebel and Philip Kraus took an early pitstop. For Kraus, that decision could be crucial for later in the race. 

Things went pretty smooth until lap 79 where Jan Woznika pitted from the lead, but on pit exit, he had a big amount of wheel spin and lost the rear of the car which sent him right into the lane of Alen Terzic who had no chance of avoiding an accident and the race ended for both of them. Both Burst Esport drivers of Jernej Simoncic and Michi Hoyer almost got taken out as well, but they managed to go around each side of Woznika and Terzic. 

Race control waved the green flag on lap 99 to end the second caution period with Michi Hoyer leading ahead of his teammate and championship leader Jernej Simoncic. The slovenian double FSR world champion quickly took the lead with Hoyer dropping down to fifth. 

Kasper Stolze of Jean Alesi Esports Academy tapped the back of Danny Van der Niet to bring out a third caution period which also was the last one.
Going back to green, it was once again a Burst Esport car in the lead, this time it was Simoncic with Peta Brljak right behind him.
Hoyer came like a rocket up to second place and shortly after, Phil Kraus and Alex Siebel joined the action.

Kraus managed to overtake Simoncic and had his focus on the race leader Brljak, who he quickly overtook and with the immense pace at the very end, he crossed the finish line to take the victory on home soil ahead of Petar Brljak and Jernej Simoncic.

With this, Simoncic extended his championship lead to 30 points to second place of Alex Siebel. All to race for at the series finale on the 8th of November at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which you can watch right here on

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