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China condemns Biden 'Irresponsible' for criticizing Xi Jinping

By Anonymous User,

The Beijing government expressed its deep dissatisfaction. In the case of US presidents giving interviews to the media "Criticizing" President Xi Jinping

Foreign news agencies reported from Beijing, China on February 9 that Ms. Mao Ning, spokeswoman of the Chinese Foreignสล็อต ทรูวอลเล็ตMinistry. said during one of Thursday's press conferences. About U.S. President Joe Biden's interview on a PBS news program. airing this week There is content in one episode that Chinese President Xi Jinping "is facing a lot of problems" including a "bad economy," the Beijing government said. He was "extremely dissatisfied" with the statement.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman bluntly said that the use of such words "It is absolutely unacceptable to the Beijing government," he said. It is also a violation of diplomatic etiquette as well.

At the same time, Mao stressed the case. "Suspicious object" that US fighter jets shot down a missile attack. last weekend for the reason that "Spy balloons" said that what floated into each other's airspace was a "meteorological airship." “Intent to wage war on information” against China

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