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Best OSRS F2P Gold Making Methods

By Tom Anni,

 Making cheap osrs gold in OSRS is achievable with the right OSRS F2P ideas and approaches. There is a wealth of information on how to make money from playing experience.

 It's the common assumption that OSRS is all about making money. To obtain better tools and resources for fighting and Defence skill advancement it is necessary to earn rs3 gp. Finding the most effective methods to cultivating gold is vital. Maximum hourly earnings are the main goal. OSRS prioritizes effectiveness. This is without a shadow of an doubt, the most popular basic methods that can be utilised. However, because of the dynamic nature of commodities costs and the fluctuating nature of commodity prices, your results may vary from the usual profit projections made in this article.

 We've done the legwork and devised the 10 best strategies for F2P Gaming that's sure to help you earn an abundance of OSRS gold:

 World 308 Looting

 To begin, teleport to Edgeville and switch onto World 308. It's recommended to carry some of the food you gathered from Tutorial Island with you into the wilderness in case of however, you'll be able to create your food within one hour. This is all there is to it! Upon entering world 308, cross the ditch in the Edgeville forest and loot whatever you can find. A few of the items left behind by people astound you. Indeed, one can never be sure. A drop of luck might be just around the corner!

 The purchase of Woad Leaves

 If you've got a small amount of cash to begin with using the above method, you should visit Falador. There is a gardener named Wyson is found in the northeastern area of Falador. With this method, you could also utilize a smaller amount of gold; less than a thousand pounds of OSRS gold will do the trick.

 Once you've arrived with some cash, you can chat with him and practice the Dialogue. If he asks you how much you want to pay, mention that you want to purchase Woad Leaves and give 20 coins. For every 20 coins you pay him, he'll gift you Two woad leaves. In the current Grand Exchange market, two Woad Leaves can be equivalent to 100Gp. That's a gain of 84 GP for just 10 seconds of work!

 Depending on how fast and easy you are able to understand Wysons' discourse If you can master Wysons' language, you'll be able to earn a good sum of cash. We've witnessed as much as 35,000/hour players earn from this strategy.

 Buy a Chocolate Bar

 After you've set the foundation of your new account by following the strategies outlined above then it's time to go to the Grand Exchange and stock up with chocolate bars. Slicing a chocolate bar into thin pieces produces chocolate dust. A bar that is cut into dust currently yields a profitability of about 14GP per bar and it takes 10-15 seconds to do an inventory. You may make as much as 1000 per minute if you are an expert clicker.

 Wydins Shop

 Wyden's, a store situated in Port Sarim, sells food; however, not many people are aware of this opportunity. He offers all sorts of food items for just a fraction of the Grand Exchange price. If you utilize the world-hopping option and carry out your banking through Draynor you can earn up to 75,000 dollars per hour. If you're able to take advantage of this opportunity you could find the Holy Grail.

 Gerrant Feather Packs

 Based on our experience, buying feather packs has consistently been one of the highest-paying opportunities for players who play for free. Based on the current market price of feathers, which typically is 2GP, you could earn between 100,000 and 300,000 per hour. You can buy 10 packs of feathers at Gerrant in Port Sarim for 200GP each (2,000 coins total) and after that, simply open the pack. Switch universes like you're washing your hair.

 Mining Iron Ore and Gold

 If you're familiarized with F2P, you've heard that mining is an effective method of earning money. Afking may net you a significant amount of OSRS gold with just a couple of low-level requirements. Iron Ore is found in several locations around RuneScape, and if you reach the level of 30 mining, you'll be able start mining it to earn a profit of 20K to 50K per hour. Mining level 40 OSRS Gold Ore will earn you between 50-125K each hour, based on the amount of gold you have and the quality of the ore that you come across.

 Zamorak Wines

 The famous F2P cash cow has always been out in the woods searching for Zamorak Wines. The hourly pay for telegrabbing the people in question is very high as Zamorak Wines consistently cost more than $2,000 per bottle. The level 38 wilderness is frequently monitored by higher-level accounts. They can be able to attack you without warning. If you spot these types of jerks, it is important to planet hop quickly before they can get the chance!

 Sells Blue Dyes

 Contact Aggie in Draynor if you've mastered method 2 and amassed a respectable inventory of Woad Leaves from Wyson the Gardener. A blue dye which sells approximately 244 coins through the Grand Exchange may be purchased from her for 5 coins and 2 woad leaves. If you pay 20 coins for the leaves , and a cost of five coins to dye the leaves, the profit margin per dye is 215GP. If you continue making them, the sum may increase rapidly.

 Soft Clay Making

 The huge cost gap between hard and soft clay becomes apparent, the cost disparity between both is clear. Utilizing the minimum estimates of both images yields 53 gp of profit per unit of soft clay created. There are other ways to earn money from the world of free-to play pking and at the Chaos Temples, but this is at least something different.

 Items Smithed from Runes

 Forging rune items requires the smithing ability of 85. The most profitable items to forge are the ones that are highly sought-after in members of the High Alchemy community since they fetch high prices in the Grand Exchange. At the time of this writing, the best choices are rune platelegs, rune skirts, and 2h swords. The most you can get with this method in an hour is up to 500,000 if you adhere to the guidelines.

 Even though this is an excellent option for smiths who are at the top of Free-to-Play, I think it's worth mentioning that it's also a great option for Pay-to Play players who are looking to upgrade their Smithing abilities to 99 and also generating some additional cash.

 Final Thoughts

 OSRS Gold and money may be obtained without having to spend a lot of hours cultivating. If you follow the above OSRS F2P money-producing tactics You'll soon be making money from OSRS gold. Once the cat's away from the cat's cage, you may increase your profits by implementing the most successful money-making strategies of 2022 while taking part in this game.

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