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Think about when you come! Young 'TikTok' looks at 'Google Map' to see photos of his dead grandmother

By Anonymous User,

A Tiktok guy from Singapore posted a clip to share how he missed his late grandmother. By opening the Google Map app to the location where the grandmother's photograph was taken, he was also attached.

On January 27, a young Tik Tok user from Singapore under the name 'retroridersg' posted a short 14-second clip that went viral. Theสล็อตใช้วอเลทheartfelt caption reads, “Every Chinese New Year or every time I think of my late grandma. I'll open google maps. And Grandma was still there. Thinking of Grandma."

A clip that has nearly 100,000 views. And almost 8,000 likes as of now. It's a picture he took from the screen of the application. 'Google Maps-Google Street View' located at 840 in Singapore's Hougang Central. Staying and waiting to cross the road as well

Young Tik Tok later gave an interview to reporters that His grandmother passed away two years ago from cancer. But he had seen pictures of her from the app before. since the time she was alive

He also said that he was very close with his grandmother. Because she was the one who raised him since he was small. He and his grandmother often spent time together since cooking. Watch TV to buy groceries as well as telling the secrets of each party

As for many people who come to comment under the above viral post also shared similar experiences. That is, looking for loved ones from Google Maps or Google Street View image galleries, while others complain that it is a pity that their grandparents passed away before apps like Google. girl map

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