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Beijing municipality enforces "Water-saving rules" violations are punishable by heavy fines.

By Anonymous User,

Beijing capital ofสล็อต เล่น ฟรีchina Implement new ordinances to conserve water in the area. Anyone who violates this will be subject to a steep fine.

Xinhua news agency reported from Beijing, China on March 5 that the water-saving ordinance to enhance the legal protection to be more stringent in conserving water resources Effective in Beijing Since March 1, the past

The new regulations elevate and improving the legal framework of water-saving measures. The effect covers all water use processes. Including setting up legal penalties for wasteful use of water more comprehensively.

Beijing, with a population of more than 21 million, has long been plagued by water shortages. China's capital now relies mainly on tap water transferred from the southern regions. China's south-to-north water diversion project has transferred over 8.4 billion cubic meters of water. from the main river in the south of the country to Beijing during the year 2014-2022.

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