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Australia has found A tiny capsule containing a fallen radioactive material.

By Anonymous User,

Regional authorities in Western Australia confirmed. Discovery of very small capsules Containing dangerous radioactive material and lost during transportation last month

Foreign newsสล็อตออนไลน์agencies reported from Perth. Australia on February 1 that the Fire and Emergency Services Agency of Western Australia with Perth as the capital city issued a statement confirming The discovery of an 8 mm x 6 mm capsule containing cesium-137. (caesium-137), a radioactive isotope of the element cesium lost during transportation last month

The discovery was made during the use of an expert vehicle. which is equipped with radioactive detection equipment Move along the suspected path at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour. On roads that are more than 1,400 kilometers or longer than the entire UK.
However, the report has not made it clear. where the capsule was found but provide information that The capsule was about 2 meters from the road surface and was found far from the community. The capsule has now been sent to a safe place by the relevant authorities. as well as confirming that The capsule is still in perfect condition.
The discovery marked the end of a long search quest. since last weekend Although cesium isotopes are not weapons compounds, But there is a high level of danger. as it may cause serious illnesses to the point of cancer if touched directly.

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