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India raids BBC office over production of documentary 'criticism' of Prime Minister

By Anonymous User,

Indian tax authorities Two BBC offices in the country were searched. Amid สล็อตทรูวอลเล็ตcontroversy, a major UK news agency produced a documentary about the Gujarat riots 20 years ago that was "directly relevant".
Foreign news agencies reported from New Delhi. India on February 14 that officials from the National Revenue Agency Raids on BBC offices both in New Delhi and in Mumbai on Tuesday To search the place, while the BBC issued a statement about the event just that fully cooperate with government officials and expressed hope that All relevant sectors will work together to resolve the situation successfully.

Such a movement occurred After the Indian government announced at the end of January, the use of special powers of the government Under the current information technology law The release of the BBC's documentary "India: The Modi Question" which "exposed and questioned" about the Gujarat riots in 2002 at the time Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the Chief Minister.

Although the BBC intends not to publish this documentary in India anyway. But the New Delhi government argues that There are still many platforms in the country to broadcast this documentary. "Let's Cooperate" to YouTube and Twitter Block and delete all content related to this documentary. from reach in india But there are still efforts by some university students. which organizes a documentary screening for small groups to watch in a closed format As a result, many educational institutions were searched. and the police arrested dozens of students.

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